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4 min readMay 2, 2023

As a video game studio, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to engage our players and provide them with the best possible gaming experience. With the rise of blockchain technology, we have recognized an exciting new opportunity to take our games to the next level and offer our players even more immersive and rewarding gameplay. After conducting extensive research and analysis, we have decided to migrate Panzerdogs to the Sui blockchain platform.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top reasons why we believe Sui is the perfect choice for our game, and how it will allow us to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to our players.

Reason #1: Simplifying the Onboarding Process

Sui offers a unique approach to structuring assets as objects with customizable attributes, allowing for the creation of new objects by combining existing ones. This feature is particularly useful for our game, Panzerdogs, where players can create tanks with experience points and levels tied to them. Additionally, players can combine individual tank parts such as a turret, tracks, and body to create new tanks.

By recording these assets directly on the blockchain and in-game, we eliminate the need to consider distribution, fees, and revenue cuts by external platforms. This approach allows us to provide a seamless and transparent experience for our players, without the added complexities of traditional asset management.

Reason #2: Fast and Affordable Transactions

Unlike other blockchain platforms, Sui does not impose any wallet fees for interacting with Sui wallets. This means that players can freely make changes without having to pay any fees. For instance, let’s say you have completed the first season of PanzerPass and acquired a rare themed background for your Panzerdog NFT that you have been eyeing.

Typically, making changes to this NFT’s cosmetic features would cost a small fee each time. However, with Sui, you can freely modify the NFT’s appearance as many times as you want without incurring any costs. This feature not only saves players money, but also makes changing cosmetic features a more appealing option.

Reason #3: Setting Panzerdogs Up for Mass Adoption

When we made the decision to transition to Sui, we did so with the long-term success of Panzerdogs in mind. Our goal is to achieve mass adoption for our web3 mobile game, and Sui offers a valuable solution to simplify the user experience.

With Sui, we can eliminate the tedious process of creating a wallet to store rewards and NFTs. Instead, any new user automatically receives a wallet upon joining, allowing them to jump directly into Panzerdogs and immediately own and access their rewards. This seamless experience is essential for attracting and retaining users, and Sui’s user-friendly approach aligns perfectly with our vision for the future of Panzerdogs.

Reason #4: Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability

In Panzerdogs, players will have the opportunity to collect and craft items on the blockchain. Fortunately, Sui’s exceptional transaction processing speeds and low fees make it an ideal platform to handle a large volume of transactions without experiencing any slowdowns or other issues. As we aim for mass adoption, Sui’s advanced features will allow us to avoid common problems associated with slow transaction processing times and high fees that can frustrate players and hinder growth.

Furthermore, Sui’s sharding technology splits the blockchain into smaller sections or “shards,” enabling each shard to process transactions independently. This innovative feature significantly increases the speed and efficiency of the blockchain, making it an excellent choice for any web3 game that requires fast and reliable transaction processing.

Reason #5: Leveraging the Power of the Blockchain

Our developers have already been working with the Sui blockchain on our other web3 game Cosmocadia, and all agree that is extremely developer friendly. This is due to several factors:

  1. Modular Architecture: Sui blockchain has a modular architecture that allows us to customize and modify different components of the blockchain according to their requirements. This modularity makes it easier for our dev team to integrate the blockchain with their web3 games and create custom features and functionalities.
  2. Smart Contract Functionality: Development of smart contracts is much easier with Sui. Thanks to much wider data composability our dev team is a lot less restrained on what exactly we store on-chain. We don’t have to wait for things to be ready, which we for example did had to on Solana with our tank parts (SFTs). On Sui they are ready to go right out of the gate.
  3. Developer Tools and Resources: Sui blockchain provides us with a lot of tools and resources to aid in development, such as developer APIs, SDKs, and documentation. These resources make it easier to understand and work with the blockchain, reducing the learning curve and speeding up our development time.
  4. Overall: Architecture for Sui modules & packages (smart contracts) is clearer and the Sui implementation of the Move language is a big plus for writing these.

Overall, we’re confident that Sui’s innovative features will allow us to provide a seamless and rewarding gaming experience for players, and we’re excited to see the positive impact it will have on the future of Panzerdogs.

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