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4 min readMar 18, 2022


2nd round of our Panzerdogs leaderboard competition

🌭 Rematch!

Today we are kicking off our second leaderboard competition for our Alpha Build: Season 0 Rematch. This means another opportunity to compete online in our 3 versus 3 Team Deathmatch mode.

For this competition we are teaming up with Magic Eden, one of the biggest NFT Marketplaces, to have another huge prize pool for the top 20 leaderboard players: 66 Solana and 10 Tanks (which can be used in-game on the battlefield).

Season 0 is exclusive for holders of a Panzerdogs NFT. If you don’t own a Panzerdog yet, these are available on secondary marketplaces, such as Magic Eden. You’ll be able to play with your own Panzerdog and Panzertanks (if you don’t own a tank you’ll get assigned a standard one with common parts).

To play visit our website:

🔋 Energy

If there’s one thing we learned from our first leaderboard competition, it’s that our previous was made for grinding. To give more players a shot at the prize pool, and to keep everyone healthy and happy, we’re introducing an Energy System.

Each player will get 25 Energy a day, which resets every day at a fixed time: 15:59:59 (UTC+1). You can’t accumulate energy from previous days, unused energy does not carry over. Every match you play costs 1 Energy and the results of this match contribute to your Leaderboard Score. So the first 25 matches you play count for your Leaderboard Score. If you run out of Energy you can still play, but these matches and scores do not contribute to your Leaderboard Score. Scores are still measured by Kills, Deaths, Winning and Losing matches. We also added Assists, which gives point for helping with a Kill. Prior penalties are also still in place (frequent disconnects mid-game, playing multiple matches at the same time, etc.)

🧘🏽 Balance Chances

We also used your feedback implement a couple of balance chances.

Parts across the board:

  • Time to boost buffs and debuffs have been magnified by a factor of 1.5x to make them more prominent

Laser Field Weapon:

  • Removed a shot from it’s ammo, it now has 2 shots instead of 3

Scatter Turret:

  • Removed -5% speed debuff.
  • Projectile damage debuff reduced from -60% to -52.5%, this should increase consistency of damage dealing, and make you even stronger at close range.
  • Projectile speed debuff reduced from -15% to -7.5%, increasing max useful range.

Siege Chassis;

  • Significantly decreased the deploy time from 1.5 seconds to 0.75 seconds, this should allow it to be deployed more proactively in combat.

Nimble Chassis:

  • Speed buff reduced from 7.5% to 6%

Steady Chassis:

  • In line with the Nimble changes, the speed debuff has been reduced from -7.5% to -6%

Blitz Chassis:

  • Minor increase in knockback from 20% to 25%

Minotaur Tracks:

  • While dashing, you no longer receive any knockback to allow you to close the gap on enemies during combat.

Behemoth Tracks:

  • Reduced speed debuff from -15% to -10% to increase manoeuvrability
  • Reduced turn rate debuff from -15% to -12.5% to increase manoeuvrability

Nimble Tracks:

  • Speed buff reduced from 6% to 5%

🤑 Prize Pool & Leaderboard

The leaderboard scores are based on points you get by playing Season 0. Killing other players earns you points, getting killed subtracts points from your score. Assisting with a kill also gives you points. You can also earn bonus points by winning, drawing and losing (/playing) games.


1 = 20 SOL
2 = 15 SOL
3 = 10 SOL
4 = 8 SOL
5 = 5 SOL

6 = 3 SOL
7 = 2 SOL
8 = 1 SOL
9 = 1 SOL
10 = 1 SOL

11–20 = 1x TANK

  • The leaderboard competition will run from March 18th 2022 16:00:00 (UTC+1) ~ March 25th 2022 15:59:59 (UTC+1).
  • A snapshot will be taken when the competition ends to determine prize distribution among the players.
  • Prizes will be distributed to the wallet address that has been used to play the Alpha Build Season 0.
  • Prizes will be awarded on the second business day following the end of the countdown.
  • In the unlikely case of a tie on the leaderboard, the prize will be split equally between all tied players.

About Panzerdogs

Panzerdogs is a #solana NFT gaming project where users can own each in-game asset and use them to battle against each other in tanks. Think Brawl Stars, but with tanks and play to earn mechanics.

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