Cyberdogs 101: Mutation Guide

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3 min readAug 30, 2022

How do I create a Cyberdog? Check the benefits for Cyberdogs here:

Step 1:

You need two Panzerdogs NFTs to create a Cyberdog. You can buy Panzerdogs on secondary marketplaces, such as Magic Eden.

Step 2:

To mutate your two Panzerdogs into a Cyberdog, you also need one Panzerdogs Pill. These Pills are dropped to owners who own at least two delisted (not for sale on a secondary marketplace) Panzerdogs during a snapshot (to check the number of dogs you have delisted). Pills are also available on secondary marketplaces, such as Magic Eden.

We announce the date of pill drops and snapshots on our Twitter and Discord. You can leave you Panzerdogs staked.

Step 3:

If you have two Panzerdogs and one Panzerdogs Pill. You can start the mutation process!

  • Go to our official website:;
  • Press ‘Play Alpha’;
  • Setup an account, and connect your SOL wallet (with the dogs and pills in them); or login to your exciting account;
  • Press ‘Labs’ in the menu on the left side of the screen;
  • (To use your Panzerdogs in the mutation process you need to have them unstaked!)

Step 4:

Now you’re inside the laboratory (the laboratory works best on desktop).

  • Press ‘Choose Dog’ on the left to pick your first Panzerdog;
  • Press ‘Choose Dog’ on the right to pick you second Panzerdog;
  • Press ‘Choose Pill’ in the middle to pick a Panzerdogs Pill;
  • Press the big red button to start the mutation process!
  • BAM! You’ve created a brand new Cyberdog.

Step 5:

Share your Cyberdog with the rest of the world on Twitter and Discord. If you’re not sure which Panzerdogs to get and mutate, our community will be happy to help you on Discord! And don’t forget to stake your Cyberdogs.

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