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We want to reward Panzerdogs players that are actively participating in the economy. A player who has invested in the economy either through purchasing a Panzerdogs Avatar on the secondary market or by minting a Panzerdogs Avatar will be upgraded to Holder status which grants full access to the below Play-and-earn mechanics.

Although F2P players have not directly invested in the economy they still have a chance to participate in various Play-and-earn events and tournaments while not being in a disadvantage, meaning that everyone has equal chances of winning.

How do players get the Holder-status?

By holding a Panzerdogs Avatar NFT in their wallet obtained either through secondary NFT marketplaces or by minting a dog

This means that just holding a tank does not grant the “Holder status” and all the benefits described above.

How are F2P players able to play without a Tank or Avatar?

F2P players will be onboarded to the world of Panzerdogs through a set of interesting missions, challenges and tutorials that will introduce the player to the different facets of the game. During these missions players will start out using a basic statless tank and players will earn a limited amount of off-chain tank parts (non-tradeable, non-sellable) to introduce players to different tank play styles.

Seasonal PanzerPass

The PanzerPass (PP) is a seasonal progression system aimed to reward players for engaging with the Panzerdogs game. Each season takes 2 months, is spread over 200 pass levels and is themed according to the time of the year and festivities that take place during that period. Avatar holders will be eligible for free Seasonal PanzerPass airdrops at the start of each season, which grants immediate access to the Premium track of the PanzerPass.

F2P and Premium track progress

Players can progress through the PanzerPass by earning PanzerPass Points (PPP). PPP can be earned from the following activities:

  1. Completing PvP matches:

Panzerdogs perform best after having their well-earned rest. Panzerdogs will become “Rested” every day at 12:00AM (GMT) / 08:00 (EST) / 05:00 (PST):

  • Daily Rested bonus grants additional PPP on match complete for the first 20 matches each day
  • The Rested bonus is significantly bigger for Holder-status players and depends on:
  • How many Panzerdogs Avatar NFTs are held in the player’s wallet
  • The rarity of the held Avatar NFTs
  • Holding more and higher rarity dogs allows the player to progress the PP faster!
  • Once the Rested bonus has been depleted for the day, players can still earn small amounts of PPP to keep progressing

2. Completing daily / weekly missions from the Mission Log

F2P and Premium track rewards

Track rewards are unlocked depending on whether the player has consumed a Seasonal PanzerPass (Premium) or not (F2P):

F2P Track:

  • On-chain common cosmetics and trinkets to show off your progress during that season
  • Small amounts of $BOLT at the final levels of each seasonal PanzerPass
  • At any point, F2P players can purchase a PanzerPass with $PANZR and consume it to unlock the rewards they earned on the Premium track during that specific season* * Purchasing a PanzerPass does not grant the account the Holder-status, this still requires holding a Panzerdogs Avatar NFT

Premium Track:

  • All F2P track rewards
  • Large amounts of $BOLT and Tank Part Loot Boxes
  • Exclusive on-chain cosmetics and trinkets to show off your progress during that season
  • Faster progression based on Panzerdogs Avatars held in the wallet
  • Each Panzerdogs Avatar NFT grants additional levels that extent the PanzerPass. These “Bonus” PanzerPass levels can be progressed for additional $BOLT rewards.

PanzerPass Airdrop Details

A snapshot will be taken right before the start of each season. Avatar holders will be airdropped one season-bound PanzerPass NFT for each Panzerdogs Avatar NFT they hold in their wallet. This means that the pass can only be used during that specific season and becomes unusable once the season ends. A PanzerPass can be consumed, which links the pass to the respective account and grants access to the rewards from the Premium PanzerPass track. Once a PanzerPass is consumed it will be removed from the player’s wallet and will be burned.

PanzerPass NFT trading

Unconsumed PanzerPass NFTs are tradable and can therefore be sold on secondary marketplaces for a profit if the player is not willing to play during that season. 50% of each PanzerPass sale will go towards the seller and 50% will go to the creator, which makes consuming and completing the pass a more preferable option if the owner wants to maximise their $BOLT rewards.

PanzerPass Missions

Missions are daily and weekly in-game objectives that reward players with PanzerPass Points (PPP) for the current active season of the PanzerPass. Daily mission objectives can range from winning X amount of games, using specific power-ups during a match or by cooperating with your teammates. Weekly missions are longer in-game objectives that yield larger rewards on completion.

Once a day any player can “re-roll” one of their current daily missions to get a more favourable one.

  • F2P players have access to 3 daily missions and one weekly mission.
  • Avatar holders have access to 5 daily missions and 3 weekly missions, allowing them to progress the PanzerPass at a faster rate.

Contracts / Renting


Avatar holders can use their Panzerdogs Avatars and Tanks to set up contracts for a $BOLT fee, these holders are called Commanders. Contracts are “outsourced” missions (See “Missions” section) which grant the Commander 100% of the mission rewards and provides a $BOLT fee to the Contractor. Contracts can be initiated as follows:

From the Commander’s side:

  1. A Commander selects any mission from their mission log and decides the $BOLT fee, which can either be a low, average, high or a custom amount.

2. The Commander selects the minimum level requirement for the contract, which sets the accessibility of the contract for newer or more veteran players.

3. The Commander selects what NFTs will be used in the contract which need to be:

  • One Panzerdogs Avatar NFT
  • One Panzerdogs Tank NFT

Both the avatar and the tank will be temporarily locked inside a “Contract wallet” so both the Commander and the Contractor cannot access the NFTs directly until the contract time period or objective has been completed. (Actual technical details will follow)

From the Contractor’s side

  1. A Contractor selects a contract from the Contract Board, which will be available to them for the remainder of the day or until the end of the week depending on whether the contract is linked to a daily or weekly mission.
  2. Once a contract has been accepted the tank linked to the contract appears in the Contractor’s tank selection screen.
  3. The Contractor selects the “Contract Tank” and starts completing the objective of the contract. For example, “Make 5 kills with the Laser Power-up”.
  4. Once the objective has been completed the tank will be returned to the Commander and the Contractor will be rewarded with the $BOLT stated in the Contract.

A Contractor can start up to 5 contracts a day if no on-chain tank is present in its wallet, which is called the Basic Contract Board. The Basic Contract Board can be upgraded to a Large Contract Board if the Contractor obtains an on-chain tank of their own, which allows starting up to 10 contracts a day as well as Open Contracts.

Open contracts are a special type of contract that allows the Contractor to use their own on-chain Tanks to complete the contract and grants more rewards than a typical contract.

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