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2 min readMar 30, 2022


It’s official! We’re announcing our integration with the worlds largest NFT marketplace on the internet, OpenSea! We are kicking off with both of our collections: Panzerdogs and Panzerdogs Tanks. Both will be available to purchase on OpenSea Solana marketplace right from the start!

We have officially partnered with OpenSea to bring our NFTs to the world’s largest NFT Marketplace.

Why is this huge news? So far, OpenSea only supported Ethereum, Klaytn, and Polygon NFTs. With Solana’s partnership, the marketplace is expected to increase the distance between it and the rest of the competition.

Currently Magic Eden is responsible for around 90 percent of all Solana NFT sales. To put this in perspective: to date OpenSea has done $200 billion in sales volume, where Magic Eden had $980 million in total sales volume as of March 30 this year.

This clearly indicates the scale of the Ethereum marketplace, and makes it clear why so many people in the Solana space are thrilled with this upcoming exposure, including us as an official launch partner.

OpenSea already support a broad range of wallets including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, TrustWallet, Venly and OperaTouch. It also looks like it will add support for Phantom, one of the most popular Solana wallets.

OpenSea’s support is almost certain to have a huge impact on the market. It very likely means the floor price of Solana-based NFTs and transaction volumes will see a significant spike. As launch partner this means an enormous opportunity to get more eyes on, and NFT holders into Panzerdogs.

OpenSea’s integration of Solana can be seen as a huge milestone for the growth of the global NFT market. Panzerdogs is looking towards a bright future with a market that keeps expanding, and with us everyone that has been supporting us from the beginning and everyone that will join Panzerdogs in the future.

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Panzerdogs is a #solana NFT gaming project where users can own each in-game asset and use them to battle against each other in tanks.

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Panzerdogs 🕹️

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