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5 min readFeb 10, 2022

Staking pools for Panzerdogs and Panzertanks are now live!

We are excited to announce staking is now available on our website for all Panzerdogs holders! Staking offers users who choose to hold the opportunity to participate in passive earnings. These users are entitled to a reward from the staking pool.

How to stake?

To start staking, you will initially need a web3 wallet such as Phantom or Solflare. You will also need a Panzerdogs and/or Panzertanks in your wallet. If you do not own any of these yet, you can buy them on a NFT Marketplace, such as Magic Eden.

The first step is going to our staking application: and connect your wallet with NFT(s) by clicking ‘Connect Wallet’ in the top right corner.

There are two available pools: the Panzerdogs Pool and the Panzertanks Pool. To open a staking pool, press ‘Create Account’. Now you’ll see your available Panzerdogs and Panzertanks in the ‘Available’ section. Here you can select each individual Panzerdog or Panzertank to stake. It takes a second to load the staking transaction, so please have patience (refreshing helps if it gets stuck). Staking these rewards you with cPANZR tokens, which can be claimed daily. You can also unstake by selecting the Panzerdog or Panzertank in the ‘Staked’ section.

Congrats! You are now staking and earning cPANZR!

cPANZR tokens you claimed will be available in your wallet

What is cPANZR?

Currently, you can think of cPANZR as pool share tokens. The quantity of cPANZR is calculated by dividing the token distribution for a day by your share of the pool. The token distribution for the pools is also split based on median sold price of the Panzerdogs or Panzertanks collection.

For example, if you decide to stake 1 non-rare Panzerdog your reward will be calculated as follows:

Token distribution: 10.000

Panzerdog pool split:

PD median sold price / (PD median sold price + PT median sold price)
3.65 / (3.65 + .95) = 0.79

Token distribution for pool: 10.000 × 0.79 = 7900

For example, your Panzerdog has a rarity value of 22 vs the total rarity of staked NFTs in the pool: 22 / 2800 = 0.0079

Your distribution will be: (7900 / 2800) × 22 = 62.071 cPANZR

  • The amount of cPANZR you will earn will depend on the rarity of your NFTs and the amount of other NFTs that are staked.

Rarity calculations for Panzerdogs:

  • Listing # in rarity mapped from 20 to 120. So rank #1 is 120, rank #2527 is 60 etc. Calculations: 120-(RANK / 55.55)

Rarity calculations for Panzertanks / points per rarity of parts:

  • Epic: 20
  • Rare: 12
  • Uncommon: 6
  • Common: 4

For example, a Tank with 2 epic parts and 2 uncommon would have 52 points.

What can I use cPANZR for?

  • The amount of cPANZR tokens determines the quantity of $PANZR tokens you get during the $PANZR Airdrop (before IDO). Staking rarer Panzerdogs and Panzertanks does give you a higher yield of cPANZR tokens.
  • Pre-IDO allows stakers to buy $PANZR before the initial IDO. The amount of cPANZR tokens determines the amount of $PANZR tokens you will be able to buy during the Pre-IDO. So you get the first-mover advantage and likely a lower price than the IDO.

IDO will be public and scheduled to launch in Q2 2022. The total value of the airdrop of $PANZR tokens and allocation for buying $PANZR pre-IDO is estimated to be ~$1.5M*.

What can I use $KOBAN for?

  • Marketplace: Sell and buy Panzertanks and Tank Parts with $KOBAN.
  • Battle Pass: Spend $KOBAN to level up faster and receive premium rewards.
  • Governance and DAO: Holders of $KOBAN may participate in voting of decisions for spending of community pool. The community pool can be used for organising events/tournaments, collaborations, etc. Proposals for development can be made by as well by holders and be taken in consideration by the team. For example, votes can be on prioritising which game mode will be developed first, such as deathmatch or capture the flag or other modes etc.
  • Staking: Panzerdogs will offer $KOBAN staking for users who wish to hold and participate in passive earnings. These users are entitled to a reward from the staking pool. Users automatically unstake after the staking period and may also receive in-game items via airdrop as reward.
  • Events and tournaments: Prizes can be won by players who enter events organised by DAO and Team. Participants may need to pay a $KOBAN fee to enter. The prize money is distributed to the winners of these events, where the prize money consists of the fee collected in the event and from the community pool. Events can include tournaments, seasonal events, collabs etc.
  • Crafting: Players are able to fuse 5 Tank Parts of the same tier into a new tank part of the next tier up, while burning the parts of the lower tier. When crafting, the new Tank Part is random from the next tier above, but may be influenced by the old Tank Parts, and will be influenced by the unique traits of the dog used in crafting, including the chance of bonus drops for crafting with specific traits. Higher tiers will come at higher costs. Panzerdogs are needed to craft items, they will start constructing and take a number of days to build the new item. During this time the dog will be unavailable to craft other items. The duration depends on the dog avatar’s traits. Additionally, players will be able to stake their $KOBAN tokens for increased crafting speeds.
  • Community: A portion of the tokens will flow back from the treasury. These tokens will end up in the staking and play to earn pools back to the Panzerdogs community, just like that! You may wonder how this works out, but consider this: traditional mobile platforms like the App Store or Google Play take 30% of every sale or in-app purchase. But instead of going to some corporation, a portion of the revenue is now going to you, the Panzerdogs player. This portion will be around 50% of the revenue.

Thank you for the amazing support you’ve shown to our team. It’s an amazing experience to be working in such a thriving industry, and we have a lot of exciting updates we can’t wait to share with you guys. Now let us reward you for your continued support with cPANZR!

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Panzerdogs is a #solana NFT gaming project where users can own each in-game asset and use them to battle against each other in tanks. Think Brawl Stars, but with tanks and play to earn mechanics.

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*This depends on the valuations during the private sales of the tokens that happens prior to the airdrop event.



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