Panzerdogs: Unleashing Web3 Warfare in 2024

Panzerdogs 🕹️
3 min readMar 8, 2024

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a pixelated pup in the heart of tank warfare? Our team has been asking ourselves the same question since our initial launch in 2022. Fast forward two years later, Panzerdogs has made web3 history and we are not slowing down anytime soon.

Oil up your tank and get ready to explore what we achieved in 2023, and what’s coming to the battlefield in 2024.

The Explosive Impact of 2023

Panzerdogs made major moves in 2023. In March, the first significant change occurred with the announcement of our migration from Solana to Sui. Sui’s asset-centric technology with mutable, composable, and dynamic NFTs showed us how we could elevate Panzerdogs. Leveraging this, we aimed to enhance our gameplay experience and position ourselves in the forefront of web3 gaming. To read more about our reasons for moving to Sui click here.

After the migration in June, we welcomed summer by letting the dogs out to the beach in our debut battle pass, PanzerPass Season 1 — Waterfight. Beach themed, players could level up in a regular and premium track to earn unique rewards like the shark, flamingo, and sandcastle tanks. Additionally, killing enemies blasted to new heights with the release of our ‘King of the Hill’ game mode and the introduction of ‘Haven’, a sandy shores map.

While the summer sun set on ‘Haven’ in August, Panzerdogs took over the globe with User Acquisition campaigns, resulting in ground breaking on-chain data and over a million mobile downloads. This allowed us to move forward with our goal of onboarding the next million web3 players, through automatic wallet creation on sign-up. We closed in the year with Quest 3, an initiative from Mysten Labs where Sui enthusiasts could play Panzerdogs to earn epic rewards.

These achievements solidified our position as one of the leading gaming projects on the blockchain and shaped our approach for 2024.

Starting 2024 with a Bang

Our goals were set high entering 2024. We gathered extremely valuable data from mass testing in 2023 to improve player onboarding and retention. For our developers, the FTUE (first-time user experience) of different mechanics and tutorials took priority. Meanwhile, our artists were bringing Panzerdogs to the next dimension by creating full 3D maps to make our game visually more cohesive. Additionally, we started introducing Sui-exclusive tournaments hosted in Panzerdogs. Players are now able to battle it out to win NFTs, and epic game prizes in collaboration with big Sui projects such as Gommies.

What’s yet to come?

Our next steps rolling into Q2 is to focus on the anticipated Upgrade System. With our soft currency scrap, players will be able to upgrade their tank parts, strategically choosing between offense, defense, or stamina enhancements. When tank parts reach level 100, players can turn these tanks into NFTs and sell them on marketplaces, introducing our first steps towards Play-to-Earn. Our NFTs will evolve too, utilising dynamic fields, with the ability to customise, sell, and level up individual NFT attributes (now known as equipment).

On both the web2 and web3 end, we are bringing tonnes of new gameplay features and prized tournaments to the battlefield. Stay tuned for our new roadmap which will be released soon. We are recruiting new teammates to help us build Panzerdogs to it’s best potential and have more dog power to release frequent updates.

2024 will be the year of the Panzer!

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See you on the battlefield cadet.



Panzerdogs 🕹️

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