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3 min readJul 8, 2022

Today we’re revealing the first details about the Cyberdogs and Panzerdogs Pills. The Cyberdogs are mutations of the Genesis Collection. Merging together two Panzerdogs will give you one Cyberdog. To start the mutating process a Panzerdogs Pill is also required.

What is a Cyberdog and what are the benefits?

Cyberdogs grant multiplied staking value — excelling the combined staking power of both Panzerdogs used in the merging process, making Cyberdogs the ultimate dog to stake and reward you with more cPANZR (read more about the utility of the cPANZR token in our whitepaper).

Cyberdogs will also be able to be sent out on Missions to earn extra XP. This is an idle mechanic and allows you to claim extra XP every day — this feature is exclusive for Cyberdogs. Battle Expedition will be added on a later date to coincide with the XP system.

Panzerdogs Pills are required to start the mutation process. Over the last weeks the first Panzerdogs Pills have already been sent out to our most active and loyal community members, as well as a pawful of tournament prizewinners. Panzerdogs Pills will also be distributed to Panzerdogs holders.

How do I get a Panzerdogs Pill? 💊

  • Delist your Panzerdogs
  • Have at least 2 Panzerdogs in your wallet
  • A Snapshot will be taken in the upcoming weeks

Everyone who holds at least two Panzerdogs will have a chance to get a Panzerdogs Pill. In the upcoming weeks a Snapshot will be taken to check who’s eligible for the Pill Drop. Panzerdogs Pills will also be listable and tradable on Magic Eden. There will be a limited supply of Panzerdogs Pills available. Extra pills will be available in giveaways and for active community members. You need to have your Panzerdogs delisted. Having your Panzerdogs staked doesn’t influence the Snapshot, so you can leave them staked.

The mutation process for a Cyberdog is based on the rarity of the traits of the two Panzerdogs you’ll use. The most rare traits will shine through in every Cyberdog — there will be a preview tool available to see the outcome of the mutation before the actual progress (and the awesome Cyberdogs PFP art). Therefor mutating one rare Panzerdog and a not so rare (and cheap) Panzerdog into a Cyberdog would be a smart move.

For example: Using Colonel Scoot #1177 with HowRare rank #14 with very rare traits such as Golden Armor (Body — 0.54%) and Samurai Helmet (Hat — 0.38%) out-weights the less rare traits, Winter Uniform (Body — 8.05%), Green Bone Hat(Hat — 5.29%), from Baby Scamp #4355 with a HowRare rank #4211. This allows gives you a Cyberdog with the rare traits of Colonel Scoot.

Once the mutation process is completed your two Panzerdogs will be replaced with your Cyberdog. Cyberdogs will be available to list and trade on NFT Marketplaces, such as Magic Eden, as part of the original GEN1 Collection. The Cyberdogs will have their own separate Staking Pool. Cyberdogs PFP is close to the original art of the Genesis Collection — reveal soon.


  • 2 Panzerdogs + 1 Panzerdogs Pill = 1 Cyberdog
  • Cyberdogs have extra staking power
  • Cyberdogs can be sent on idle mission to earn extra XP
  • Snapshot for Pill Drop somewhere during the next weeks
  • Eligible for Snapshot if you have at least 2 Panzerdogs

If you only have one Panzerdog you better get another one if you want a Cyberdog.


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